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South Pasadena, CA: Follow-Up – City Addresses Food Truck Ordinance

Some see food trucks as an eye-sore; others view them as a opportunity for community and culture.

Sacramento, CA: Progress Rolling for Food Trucks

Sacramento join the ranks of food-truck capitals such as Portland and L.A.?

Hawthorne, CA: Food Truck Laws Revisited

The Hawthorne City Council is revisiting a crackdown on food truck events in local parking lots after loyal foodies used social media to voice their opinions.

Baton Rouge, LA: Downtown Restaurants Say Food Trucks Take Away Customers

Some restaurant owners in the Main Street Market say the food trucks swoop in and steal their customers.

Sacramento, CA: Restaurant Owners Meet About Food Trucks

Sacramento Councilman Steve Cohn held a private meeting Wednesday afternoon with restaurant owners to discuss possible changes to the city's current restrictions on mobile food trucks.

Chicago: Saigon Sisters Dish on Street Food

Chicago foodies have had a frustrating year trying to convince city government to ease regulations on food trucks.

Sacramento: Food Truck Advocates to Ask Council to Change City Ordinance

Following a massive turnout at Sacramento's first Mobile Food Festival, the Sacramento City Council will hear from food truck advocates who want to make city laws more food truck-friendly.

Dallas Arts District Sets Stage for Food Trucks (video)

Food trucks are a hot trend in gourmet food from New York to Los Angeles, but they're banned in downtown Dallas.

Tweet from Cleveland Food Truck Dim & Dem Sum Creates Buzz About Proposed City...

Owned by Chris Hodgsen, ‘Dim and Den Sum’ is a food truck that has used Twitter and Facebook to get the word out about its daily location. But the tweets from the business' main account ( @DimAndDenSum ) were of a different tone Thursday night.

Mobile Food Vending Could Be Expanding To Minneapolis Neighborhoods

Several City Council members say they want to expand a city ordinance that passed last year to allow for more vendors downtown as well as in neighborhoods in other parts of the city, including Cedar-Riverside, the U of M campus and perhaps Uptown.