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Super Bowl: Metroplex Food Trucks Jockey For Super Bowl Business

An established "CLEAR ZONE" prohibits the sale of food visible from any public street, public property or sidewalk, except by brick and mortar restaurants. That means no go for food trucks. And the ordinance cites “good order and aesthetic quality” as the reason why.

Fort Worth Officials, NFL Compromise for a Week on Downtown Food-Vending Truck

A Yum-Yum! Food truck is back in downtown Fort Worth. "We're just glad to be downtown, and we love Fort Worth and we support Fort Worth," Elledge said.

Taco Truck Ousted from Upper East Side

Alberto Loera, 27, of Paty's Taco Truck in NYC, was hauled out of his truck by police on Nov. 30.

Moving Violations: In Chicago, Cooking and Driving Don’t Mix

City's Restrictions on Food Trucks Test Chefs' Creativity; Hold the Fried Oysters.

MobileFoodNews.com Partners with TruxMap.com GPS

MobileFoodNews.com is proud to announce it's partnering with TruxMap.com to bring you the real-time Food Truck GPS Tracking System.  The current system covers Los...

Restaurants vs. Food Trucks in Los Angeles

By Mark Berman One of the first things I noticed about my new Miracle Mile neighborhood when I moved here in June was...

L.A. County: Many Regulatory Ingredients Go Into Food Start-Ups

By Cyndia Zwahlen Find a great cook or baker, and you've probably found someone who has dreamed of starting a food-themed business, whether a...

How to Start a Food Truck

By Mr. Sprockit Do you possess aspirations to one-day start a food truck? If you are looking for information on starting a small...

Food Truck Regulation Coming Soon?

Los Angeles Ordinance to be Drafted in 60-90 days.