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I.R.S. Training Handbook – Chapter 4: Examination Techniques for Mobile Food Vendors

This type of business will be largely cash intensive, gross receipts will be the main focus for the examination.

Napa Wants To Keep On Truckin’ But Safety Is First

Food Truck Fridays is a victim of its own success. The city of Napa looked like it was playing fun police last week when announcing that the popular monthly event near Oxbow Public Market was being shut down until it could acquire the necessary use permits.

Fresno, CA: Code Enforcement Will Change From What Some See as Harassment

Fresno's code enforcement practice for too long has relied on an aggressive "drive-by" approach that is aimed at solving neighborhood problems by writing tickets for code violations -- many of them of the trivial variety.

Santa Barbara: Use Of City Streets For Food Trucks

There has been discussion recently about the use of public streets in Santa Barbara for food trucks. Reader Ken sent me a link to the official Santa Barbara Municiple Code for everything you can and cannot do in Santa Barbara.

Chapel Hill Council Sets Forum Monday on Food Trucks

The Town Council will receive public comment during its businesses meeting Monday, after which it could propose rule changes, call a public hearing and direct staff to draft regulations governing food trucks.

Monthly Food Truck Event Could be Cancelled Because of Code Violation

Altadena's newest monthly event, Fancy Food Truck Fridays, is at risk of being shut down due to a potential county code violation, according to one of the event's organizers.

Italian Lunch Truck Proposed for La Jolla

Two former La Jolla restaurant employees are looking to put a new, high-end twist on an old working-class standard: the lunch truck.

Naperville, IL: Downtown Mobile Vending Carts

A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) will be issued in fall 2011 to begin the selection process for vendors in 2012.

Burbank: City Report On Mobile Food Vending

The purpose of this first step report is to provide Council with information concerning the legality of enforcing Burbank Municipal Code (BMC) section 3-4-1111 regarding the conditions and restrictions for mobile food truck vending (peddling).

Burbank: Popular Food Trucks Put in Drive

For some cooks in Burbank, fast food has meant the kitchen moves at least 1,000 feet every 15 minutes.