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Boston, MA: Despite the Cold Weather, Food Trucks to Remain Open Year-Round at SoWa

By Lisa DeCanio | BostInno.com SoWa Open Market celebrated its last hurrah of 2012 in October, but one of the best parts of the market is...

DC: Sabor’a Street Hits the Brakes

The arepa-and-taco truck is off DC streets (for now).

Boston: From the Streets to Table Seats

Boswell Scott and his Fill Belly’s food truck, which operated in an old Chevrolet P30, cruised around Boston in all kinds of weather last winter.

Wilkes-Barre, PA: The Other on Wheels

These wandering wagons are quickly becoming a fixture in Northeastern Pennsylvania neighborhoods.

Hot Dogs from J&M Curbside Cafe at Meisel Field

Though it won't be featured on the Food Network any time soon, J&M Curbside Cafe serves some quality, inexpensive hot dogs, as well as chips and drinks.

Denver: There’s a New Street Food Cartel in Town – the Food Truck Warriors...

Food Truck Warriors, an alliance of eleven Denver food trucks and carts!

Toronto: Hot Dog Vendors Skeptical About Plans to Loosen Regulations on Street Food

Councillor Cesar Palacio, chair of the committee that regulates food cart and truck operators, pledged last week to change the existing regulations to make it easier for vendors to expand their menus.

Austin’s 1000-Plus Food Trucks Brace For Chill In Business

The deep freeze will make life tough for homeless people and their pets, and Austin's food truck entrepreneurs have also been suffering from winter weather.

D.C. – Franklin Square Turned Into a Food Truckers’ Paradise

With temperatures dipping below freezing, the hungry masses who assembled on Franklin Square on Monday enjoyed a rare opportunity to sample the menus of 12 different food trucks -- assuming, that is, their numb tongues allowed them to taste anything at all.