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Washington, DC: Trump advisers want to ‘modernize’ national parks with wifi, food trucks and...

By Colleen Killingsworth  |  Fox 7 Austin WASHINGTON - A committee of advisers delivered a set of recommendations to the Trump administration last month that they claim...

Saskatoon, CAN: Food Trucks in Saskatoon Get Stalled at Committee

I will not be supporting the 30-metres. I can support 10-metres and also a description that would prohibit them from being directly across the block from a restaurant

Calling For Restrictions On Food Truck Operators In Buffalo

A never ending saga between some Buffalo restaurant owners and food truck vendors

Vancouver, BC: Food Vendor Encouraged to Locate at Kye Bay, Not Marina Park in...

Council denied the application by Fred Smith of Con_Fusion Food to operate a mobile vending cart.

NJ: Assemblyman Seeks to Resolve ‘Food Desert’ Problem in Urban Areas

The bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Gilbert "Whip" Wilson, D-Camden, would allow private vendors to operate food trucks or similar mobile venues to sell fresh produce to underserved "food desert" communities.