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Plymouth, MA: Food Trucks are Born in this Plymouth warehouse

Each food truck owner would have his or own station with all the cooking essentials - a stove, oven and a flat top - and shared access to larger appliances. He would pool money from food trucks to buy everyday supplies like soda or gloves at lower prices than if the food trucks bought them individually.

Utica, NY: Making A Food Truck Business from Scratch — Almost

“I just needed to learn the food truck business from the ground up first, but I knew that this is where I wanted to be,” Sperling said. “It feels good to finally see that vision become a reality|

Monroe County, NY: Mobile Concession Stand Serving Food On Irondequoit Bay

There are several restaurants that offer takeout around Irondequoit Bay. YNN's Rose Eiklor reports on a new food service with its own niche.

Winter Park, FL: Restaurants Chains Consider Launching Branded Food Trucks

Prestige Food Trucks, a premier central Florida food truck builder reports significant demand for mobile food venders as small to large restaurant chains/franchises consider expanding into mobile catering.

Montebello, CA: Cater Needs – Offering You the Best Priced Truck Electrical Parts

Many people may know but those who don’t know, see, a food truck is essentially a restaurant on wheels, having various advantages over a traditional eat-in restaurant. You don’t need to go through all the hassles of setting up your restaurant in the most hotshot place in your city or town; rather simply carry your truck hardware over there and crowd will come to you instead.

North Charleston, SC: Join the Movement with One of Our Custom Food Trucks

Gorilla Fabrication specializes in building out Custom Food Trucks. Mobile Eateries, Catering Trucks and Beer Trucks

Miami, FL: Food Truck Builders Shift into High Gear

We wanted to do something whimsical, slightly southern, slightly risque. The whole deal with the truck was to have fun

Vernon, CT: RHS Mobile Concession Stand Project Finds a Booster in Rockville Bank

The foundation's Grants Committee had pledged $12,000 to the project on a one-third/two-thirds matching agreement, according to a letter from the bank to Michael Purcaro, the school system's director of business and finance.

Schantz Manufacturing: “We Know What Makes You Money”

We specialized in all types of mobile food solutions.

How to Calculate the Profit of a Concession Trailer

A basic profit analysis for a concession trailers