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Los Angeles, CA: Alleged Food Truck Extortion Ring Gets Busted in LA

Los Angeles Daily News reports the individuals under arrest stand accused of "shaking down owners and operators over a five-year period beginning in July 2007.

Food Trucks Are Still a Popular Trend in Los Angeles

Food truck phenomenon is still booming in LA

Food Trucks Don’t Count as a Revolution

“There is an appetite for food trucks in Calgary and it is ravenous,” the Herald reported.

Not Your Father’s ‘Roach Coach’

Ric Guerrero of the Slidin' Thru truck and other local entrepreneurs insist they're now offering a higher grade of near-gourmet cuisine from their mobile eateries

Food Trucks Go Gourmet!

Food trucks are NO LONGER the infamous “roach coaches” limited to feeding the men and women at construction sites; they have gone GOURMET.

Get Your Food Truck Off My Lawn

I don’t know if I’m getting old or if it’s reasonable to not want transient businesses in my neighborhood.

Good News for Seattle’s Food Trucks

That's what the Seattle City Council decided late last month when it unanimously approved a measure that would allow food trucks and other vendors to temporarily take up residency on sites of stalled development.

Rochester, MN: Maid-Rite Diner Gets Ready To Roll

The Maid-Rite Diner is going mobile with a new lunch truck. Don Sanford — Mr. Maid-Rite — plans to take his diner's loose meat hamburgers and hot dogs directly to the Med City's lunch crowd.