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St. George, UT: Truck Serves Up Corn Dogs, Even in the Freezing Winter

I settled indoors and bit into the crisp yet soft cornbread exterior and was immediately pleased with the sweet flavor of the dog’s wrap. Then my taste buds were greeted by the meat: juicy, savory and still sweating a little from its recent time in the deep fryer. The combination of sweet and salty was perfect.

Orange County, CA: New Corn Dog Food Truck Debuts

If I had a nickle for every time I accidentally stumbled upon a new food truck

State of Fair Food: A Sugar-Fried Whirl

Fairs have evolved quite a bit, but food still plays a prominent role, at judges' tables as well as the multitude of food stands and food trucks spread around the fairgrounds.

Houston: Good Dog Hot Dogs – Eat Well and Live Long

Houston is really getting into the street food game lately. Every week seems to host a new truck opening: some good, some not so good, and some that are amazing.

Denver: The Chicago Louie’s Paddy Wagon is Pounding the Pavement

It's called Chicago Louie's -- named for one the partners involved with Wahaltere's new enterprise that's backed by the Kallas brothers and cousins (they who own Steakhouse 10, Greeks Gone Wild and the Athenian).