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Fresno: Lenience For Lunch Trucks?

Lunch trucks can park at a location as long as there are customers waiting.

Sign the Petition: Let the Food Trucks Roam Buffalo

This isn’t about poaching customers or throwing a middle finger up at existing restaurants.

Asheville: City Council PASSES Rules Allowing Food Trucks Downtown 5-2

Food truck owners can apply for the new permits immediately.

Buffalo, NY: Regulate Food Trucks

Council Member Joseph Golombek, attempts to protect the brick-and-mortar...

Charlotte, NC: Taco Truck Debate Re-Emerges

Council member Nancy Carter, who has met with the vendors, said it's time to take another look at the ordinance.

Cleveland: The Anti-Food Truck City

How hard could it be, right? Get a truck, get a permit, get inspected, pick a spot, serve food. Yeah, not so fast my friend.

Good News for Seattle’s Food Trucks

That's what the Seattle City Council decided late last month when it unanimously approved a measure that would allow food trucks and other vendors to temporarily take up residency on sites of stalled development.

Minneapolis: Doug Kress and the State of the Street (Vendor)

Now that the trial period has expired, MinneapolisCity Council must decide on whether or not to allow the expansion of food trucks to continue.