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Square Allows Mobile Payment Processing

One Square mobile application, credit card reader to go with it: FREE!

Device Allows Smartphones to Process Card Transactions

"It's got to be in a truck and I was on a really tight budget," said Stenke, 41, owner of the Klausie's Pizza Truck.

How 9 Food Trucks Use Tech To Drive Business

There are trucks all over the country that are going high-tech to launch, build and manage their businesses.

Starbucks’ Mobile Payment App Sees Explosive Growth

More than 3 million people have paid using Starbucks Card Mobile. The app, available on iPhones and other smartphones, was tested in a few stores late last year, but was rolled out to nearly 7,000 stores in January.

Square Cuts Transaction Fees – No More Per Transaction Fees!

The mobile payments company previously charged merchants 2.75 per cent of each purchase, plus a 15-cent flat transaction fee every time they used the tiny smartphone credit card reader. As of today, the company has dropped the extra flat fee.