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Washington, DC: Sweet! D.C. Ranks Among America’s ‘Best Dessert Trucks’

Food trucks are widely becoming a way for chefs to express themselves in an innovative way

Washington, DC: 10 Best Food Trucks in Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C.'s burgeoning dining scene sports a healthy and vibrant food truck culture which rivals those of larger cities such as New York or Los Angeles.

Washignton, DC: The 14 Best Food Trucks in D.C.

Technically, this is actually more than 100 trucks. But in 2013, perhaps the strongest expression of mobile food vending hasn't been made on the sidewalks of Farragut Square, but in the corridors of the John A. Wilson Building.

Washington, DC: New York and DC Food Trucks to Square Off In August ‘Throwdown’

Basically food trucks from New York and D.C. are going to gather in a big circle in Canal Park and do what they do-- serve food. There will be a panel of judges that goes around and tastes all the food on offer and picks which city does it best. After they realize that D.C. wins, they'll give out prizes for truck design and truck crew, etc.

National News: Who Has Better Food Trucks – D.C. or New York? August ‘Throwdown’...

D.C.’s pizza apparently can’t compete with New York’s, and it seems its local markets, bartenders and bakeries don’t stand much of a chance, either.

Baltimore, MD: Gypsy Queen Looks to Add Another Truck to the Caravan

The Gypsy Queen Cafe is hoping to roll out a third food truck by the end of the year.

Washington, DC: At D.C. Council Hearing, Students Stand Up Against Food Truck Regulations

If we were to vote today on these regulations, I can tell you that these regulations are not going to pass," Orange said during the seven-and-a-half-hour-long hearing. "I think what we have been able to do today is push people to the point where these regulations, with some minor tweaks, can move forward and we can get this in place before the end of this calendar year

Washington, DC: Food Truck Fight Reaches D.C. Council

The regulations proposed by Gray would formalize where and when food truck can vend, offering them more certainty as to where they can park and how long they can remain.

Washington, DC: There’s Plenty of Room for Food Trucks in D.C., According to Two...

The Washington Post reported that the regulations will allow at least three spaces for trucks at each mobile vending zone and still impose the rule requiring 10 feet of “unobstructed” sidewalk next to any parking space not part of a mobile roadway vending zone.