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Dayton, OH: Food Truck Rally Works Up An Appetite

Food trucks were lined up in downtown Dayton Friday night to show off what the up-and-coming industry has to offer.

Dayton, OH: Food Trucks Revolution Hitting Dayton with Gourmet Dogs, Sandwiches

People feel safe. They walk around. The community support for street food is huge in Dayton

Dayton, OH: New Food Truck to Celebrate Local Cooking

I really wanted to bring the experiences I gleaned in my travels, with combining the local flavors and things I discovered

Dayton, OH: Dayton Prepares Rules for Food Trucks, Not Everyone Pleased

The city of Dayton is getting closer to allowing food trucks to operate on the street, but it is still imposing restrictions that food truck operators would rather do without.

Dayton, OH: Food Trucks Rolling Through Dayton Area

“Allows me to do my own thing, to drive to where my product will sell.”