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Portable Pizza: The New Pizza Truck Craze

A new cadre of food-truck entrepreneurs is diving headlong into the gourmet pizza business

Food Truck Vendor Arrested & Fights Zoning Charge

Crosslin was arrested for violating section 78-964 of the Fredericksburg code on July 25.

Newark, NJ: A Gourmet Taco Truck Serving Downtown

I have found my dream job. Outdoors, but shielded from the elements. Be my own boss, set my own schedule.

Mobile Eatery Makes the Rounds with Dogs & Gumbo

His three-wheeled, banana-yellow vehicle doesn't just get over 40 miles per gallon. The Truck Mobile Eatery also serves up hot dogs and other food from locations around Traverse City and beyond.

Cake Girl’s Kitchen: Another “Kickstarter.com” Food Truck Funding Project

Cakegirl’s MOBILE Kitchen will be the first food truck in Northwest Arkansas that focuses on homemade desserts and snacks. Everything baked in small batches, no prepackaged ingredients.