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Chicago, IL: Mayor Proposes Nine New Food Truck Parking Spaces

These spaces are located in high-density neighborhoods that would benefit from additional lunchtime options. These locations include colleges and business areas

Top 5 Food Festival Etiquette Rules

Unfortunately, some of us don't quite know how to behave in situations with other human beings.

Food Trucks: What’s Going on in Other Cities?

Yellow Submarine at one of the earlier food truck gatherings--the Fall for the Arts festival last year. We've been hearing a lot more about food trucks lately. But I must ask, where is the cross-cultural perspective, the historical view? Here, for your consideration, are some selected (recent-ish) moments in U.S. food truck history....

Portland: Trailer Thursday – PBJ’s

PBJ’s is a modest-looking cart in the northwest part of Portland. But the gourmet peanut butter–inspired sandwiches they serve are hardly the snack some of us gobble in desperation.