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Rolling With the Punches: Food Truck Winners and Losers

For truck operators, it’s a moment of truth

D.C. Food Truck Advocate Bert Gall Fights on Behalf of Street Food

The Institute for Justice surveyed food-truck customers in D.C.

D.C. Lottery Truck Gets Cleared to Roll

The 26-foot-long Lucky Lottery Mobile was at the L'Enfant Plaza Metro station on Thursday

U.S. Park Police Still Hassling Food Trucks In Farragut Square

Earlier this month, we reported on a dustup between food trucks and U.S. Park Police officers in Farragut Square which resulted in several vendors around the park being temporarily shut down and threatened with arrest until the Metropolitan Police Department got involved.

DC: Food Trucks SHUT DOWN By Park Police At Farragut Square

"a lot of random SUVs" descended on the Square earlier this afternoon, and, over the span of about a half-hour, "shut down all of the DC food trucks that were parked around" the Square.

DC Restaurant Owners: Food Trucks Hurt Local Businesses

Local restaurants are upset with the abundance of food trucks doing business in the area, saying the mobile eateries are taking away business from formal restaurants.

DC: Hurray for the DCMFVA!

I had the pleasure of witnessing the DC Mobile Food Vendors’ Association elect its board. A few members of DCMFVA reached out to me in December asking for regulatory advice.