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Los Angeles, CA: FRO’s All-Electric Dessert Truck Takes Food Mobility to Another Level

By Chris Albrecht  |  The Spoon If there was such a thing as a Spoon Bingo card, FRO would be a winner, ticking off a...

San Diego, CA: Dessert Truck

Looking for something to offer besides Ice Cream? Let us introduce you to the Sweet Treats Dessert Truck! Our Dessert Truck was designed to make you feel like you are at home in your own kitchen.

Taco Truck Ousted from Upper East Side

Alberto Loera, 27, of Paty's Taco Truck in NYC, was hauled out of his truck by police on Nov. 30.

Food Truck Sells Sweet Street Treats

Over the last few years, the movable feasts have popped up all over city street corners, have been the focus of reality shows and have taken over prime real estate on the former Tavern on the Green location.

Chicago Restaurant Owners Choke on Proposal for Food Trucks

Chicago restaurant owners are mobilizing to block City Hall from creating an “unlevel playing field” for their brick-and-mortar businesses — by legalizing mobile food trucks with cooking on the premises.

Moving Violations: In Chicago, Cooking and Driving Don’t Mix

City's Restrictions on Food Trucks Test Chefs' Creativity; Hold the Fried Oysters.

FOOD TRUCKS are the #2 Betty Crocker Red Hot Holiday Trend

The Betty Crocker Red Hot Holiday Trend # 2 is: Street Eats and Tweets. Street food is all the rage and food truck fans use Twitter to make sure they can find these restaurants-on-wheels and get their hands on the cutting-edge flavors they create.

Food Trucks Are Using Social Media To Make New Customers

Popular social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter allow entrepreneurs to set up a free website containing information, pictures, events, and specials.

MobileFoodNews.com Partners with TruxMap.com GPS

MobileFoodNews.com is proud to announce it's partnering with TruxMap.com to bring you the real-time Food Truck GPS Tracking System.  The current system covers Los...

Sugar Rush Dessert Truck Arrives in Time for Art Basel

I found Sugar Rush at Rainbow City on Friday night. It was their first night on the town. Sugar Rush is the mobile version of Sweetness Bake Shop & Café in Kendall.