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Beijing, CN: Beijing’s Famed Street-Food Scene Struggles to Survive

Beijing is transitioning from a city of grease-smudged kitchens to one of high-rise malls packed with boutiques and Sichuan-fusion cuisine joints.

Phoenix, AZ: Phoenix-Area Food Trucks Grow, Expand, Change Dining Scene

It started as a localized trend, but over the past three years, food-truck dining — a newer segment of the Arizona restaurant industry — has blown up into a Valley-wide movement.

Burlington, VT: Trying Out the New South End Truck Stop

Wai, and the food-truck vendors, are hoping that kind of excitement will keep diners coming back weekly to the Truck Stop. Wai promised more vendors — double the trucks next week, in fact — and shorter wait times in the future.

Philadelphia, PA: Funky Lil Kitchen Chef Launching Phila. Area Food Truck

Diners should continue to come out and support Funky Lil' Kitchen and when the truck hits the streets, to "come and enjoy the food.

Sydney, AUS: The Business of Street Food

Rafael Rashid operates two food trucks in Melbourne – Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Truck

Tampa, FL: Spotlight Stokes Fans’ Hunger

Cooking Channel show "Eat Street" is expected to do the same for the area's growing food truck community

DC: Food Trucks Opening Brick and Mortar Restaurants

Owner Farhad Assari commented on ARLNow's blog confirming that he is selling two of his food trucks, Meathead Mobile Eatery and La Gloria Mexicana, to support the new retail location.

Food Trucks Provide a Chance to Expand

Matt Maroni, a food truck operator who helped write the ordinance, sums it up best: “It’s a capitalist society.