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San Francisco, CA: San Francisco to Vote on New Regulations for Food Trucks

San Francisco is getting ready to dish up new regulations for food trucks.

New York, NY: NYSF First Look – Sweet Chili Thaietnamese Cuisine

The new food truck is named Sweet Chili. The chef and owner, Lisa Fernandes, serves what she calls Thaietnamese cuisine, which takes aspects and ingredients from both Thai and Vietnamese cuisines.

Los Angeles, CA: NYSF In LA – Komodo Food Truck

Komodo serves tacos and fries, but with a much more interesting menu. Tacos are $3 each, but you can get a Killer Combo with 4 tacos for $10. Well, it was dinner time!

Chicago, IL: Giordano’s on Wheels

Although the menu will be simplified, offering only personal-size stuffed pizzas in four options--cheese, pepperoni, sausage and spinach--along with salad and soft drinks, Wenson said the Giordano’s taste will not be compromised.

National News: LA Chef Talks Inspiration from Travel for New Dishes

For any chef, inspiration for a new dish is almost always comprised of experiences, memories and travel that can be tasted through the flavor.

National News: Food Trucks Take Flight

AIRPORTS AROUND the country are making passenger pickups a more tempting task, allowing gourmet food trucks to dish up their specialties in parking lots—and soon, in the terminals

New York, NY: Street Eats – Pulled Pork Salad Bowl from Mexicue’s New Mix...

Mexicue’s new mix & match menu has some now items, so click through to see what they are, and to hear about the lunch they made up just for us.

Yonkers, NY: Yonkers Food Truck’s Poutine Is A Dish Worth A U-turn

Poutine, a Canadian french-fry favorite, comes to a food truck in Yonkers

New York, NY: NYSF First Look – Hyderabad Goat Kacchi Biryani

We always say when a vendor advertises the name of a dish, order that dish first. We couldn’t tell if goat kacchi biryani is part of the cart’s name, but it’s in big letters right over the ordering window.

New York, NY: Street Eats – Aji de Gallina from Manos Peruanos

“Aji” means chile pepper in Spanish, and “amarillo” means yellow, but while they are called yellow chile peppers, their color changes to orange as they mature. You could even see tiny pieces of orange in the sauce.