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Street Food: Global Flavors, Universal Appeal

Apart from the more familiar hot dogs, ice cream cones, and tacos we all know and love, consider there are many other enticing options.

Food Trucks Feels Pinch of Gas & Good Prices

Soaring gas and food prices are taking a bite out of Dosa truck's bottom line. But Deneroff says passing the cost onto the consumer now is not an option.

Downtown LA Food Trucks

Food trucks will be trucking in their meals at 7+Fig, L.A. Mart and 1010 Wilshire on Tuesday.

LA City Council Candidate Supports FOOD TRUCKS – Support Stephen Box

The success of the Food Truck phenomenon is so great that some locals, from residents to brick-and-mortar restaurant operators, have cried "Foul!" and turf wars have erupted over parking spaces, traffic congestion, impact to the community and simple competition.

Food Truck Festival at Santa Anita – Jan 29, 2011

Dine and drink with the most popular food trucks in the county while the excitement of the thoroughbred racing encircles you, literally!

The Dosa Man of New York

BY Atiya Hussain NEW YORK CITY - Not unlike Bob Dylan, whose renown had humble origins in a Greenwich Village gig in...