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New York, NY: NYC Food Truck Lunch – Bao From The Kaya Cart

They serve bao, which is what Fun Buns NYC serves. That might explain why the Kaya Cart doesn’t venture into Midtown.

New York, NY: Shady Dawg

The dawg itself was good, but with the pulled pork and other toppings, it was excellent. The pulled pork was a little on the sweet side, which we prefer in bbq to a vinegary sauce. The sweetness of the pulled pork worked well with the saltiness of the hot dog.

New York, NY: Street Eats – Peking Duck Rice Bowl from Moo Shu Grill

If you want things spicy, there’s a bottle of sriracha and small containers to put it in by the truck’s window. We recommend putting some on the duck. The ginger scallion mayo didn’t really add much.

Montreal, CAN: First Food Truck Experience

The salad dressing surprised me. It actually tastes a bit asian, but I believe it’s because the use of garlic in it. There was a lot of duck meat in there, and the way they wrapped it is an easy to-go meal!

New York, NY: Street Eats – “Smoked” Duck Kielbasa from the Rouge Tomate Cart

We’ve enjoyed a couple of lunches at the seasonal Rouge Tomate cart right outside the Central Park Zoo, on 5th Ave at 64th St. So it was a pleasant surprise when they tweeted a new menu around.

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