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Orlando: Dismal Economy Helps Fuel Food Truck Craze

Gator Country BBQ, just one of many food trucks in downtown Orlando.

A Nationwide Snapshot of Food Trucks

"A lot of people who own food trucks," said Heather Shouse, "be they a 60-year-old Mexican immigrant, or 23-year-old aspiring chef, they really wanted to open a restaurant. But they came across this trailer for $5,000."

Sacramento: Mobile Food Festival Slaps Virtual Food Truck Ban in the Face

As Doctor Who might say, “Food trucks are cool”. And right now they are. And tragically unhip Sacramento is missing out on some great food. It’s also missing out on the economic pie.

Chapel Hill: Food Truck Hearing This Month

The Town Council will hold a public hearing Feb. 28 on making it easier to operate food trucks.

Indians Jump on the Bandwagon of Food Trucks Craze

Google search reveals that Indian food trucks flourish in Texas, New York, North Carolina and other states.