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Edmonton, CAN: City Clarifies Policies for Edmonton Food Trucks

Under Edmonton’s policies, street vendors can operate until 3 a.m., unless they are in a city park. In a park, they can operate until 11 p.m. or the stated closing time of the park.

Edmonton, CA: Edmonton Food Notes – Old-Fashioned Flavour to Foodie’s Night on the Town

It’s about making the food community smaller and more accessible for everybody,”

Edmonton Wants to Loosen Food Rules

“We’re trying all kinds of things to get people out on the streets and support unique local businesses in Edmonton.”

Edmonton, CAN: Drift Food Truck to Keep Its Spot

You have just as much right as other businesses to be in that location, City Says!

Edmonton, Alberta CAN: Street Food for Lunch – Truck Stop

Truck Stop, a smaller offshoot of What the Truck?! at Churchill Square.