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Edmonton, CAN: Alberta’s food trucks are helping restaurateurs’ dreams come true

Edmonton’s appetite for food-truck fare was insatiable, and the market was wide open, but the pair concede economics, rather than desire to capitalize on a trend, was the deciding factor.

Edmonton, CAN: Wheels of fortune – Food trucks here, and there, to stay

For the first time in four years, food trucks are nowhere to be found on Restaurant Canada’s list of the top 10 hot trends.

Edmonton, CAN: Wheels of fortune – Food trucks here, and there, to stay

The City of Edmonton said it had issued 149 food vendor permits as of June 30, but the total includes trucks, carts and trailers. City communications adviser Karen Burgess said she believes food trucks accounted for about 70 of those permits.

Edmonton, CAN: 2nd annual Porkapalooza festival runs this weekend at Borden Park

This is the second annual Porkapalooza festival in Edmonton where teams compete in four categories, beef brisket, chicken, pork ribs and pork butt.

Edmonton, CAN: Dovetail Delicatessan a true reflection of the blossoming YEG food scene

The new deli marks a shift for the Fenske duo, who opened Drift food truck four years ago, and have been going flat-out (what with catering in the off-season) ever since.

Edmonton, CAN: S’wich Food Truck Hits the Mark with Hand-Crafted Bread, Cured Meats and...

I sampled one of his mortadella sandwich at a recent What the Truck?! event, and could not believe the taste and texture of the mortadella, which was gloriously studded with pistachios. Make sure and indulge in an artisanal ice cream sandwich if you’ve got room for dessert.

Edmonton, CAN: Edmonton’s Food Trucks Feed Urban Landscape with Spontaneous Delight

Food trucks offer a unique take on food, something different than you would find in many restaurants,” Yeo says. “They offer higher quality at a lower price, which means people are more willing to experiment and try new dishes.

Edmonton, CAN: New Street Food App Targets Food Trucks in YEG

The app gives the location of the food truck, and tells the user whether it’s open or not. The thinking behind is it to be really easy to use and very reliable.

Edmonton, CAN: Drift Food Truck WINS Appeal

City of Edmonton is again allowing the Drift food truck to park near a downtown restaurant.

Edmonton, Alberta: Dispute Between Food Truck, Restaurant Highlights Need for Bylaws

Owners of a popular downtown mobile eatery don’t plan to move any time soon