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Los Angeles, CA: I Am Los Angeles – Pioneering a New-Wave Food Truck

Natasha Case is co-founder of Coolhaus -- a food truck serving architecturally-themed ice cream sandwiches. Sure, they have delicious flavors like bacon-flavored or persimmon flavored ice cream, but they want most to teach their customers a little bit about architecture.

Los Angeles, CA: L.A. Food Trucks Extorted

The trucks being targeted weren't the new posh, hip, upscale boutiques roaming the area like Kogi Truck or the Grilled Cheese Truck -- they would certainly alert the cops of that shady business -- but instead were the small mom-and-pop taco trucks that serve the workers at construction sites during lunch hour.

Los Angeles, CA: NYSF In LA – Slammin’ Sliders

Lots of trucks sell sliders, but the menu at Slammin’ Sliders looked a bit different from other food trucks.

Los Angeles, CA: NYSF In LA – Lamb Frankie from the India Jones Chow...

India Jones Chow Truck won the 2012 LA Vendy Cup, and we had a chance to chat with Chef Sumant for a little while last night. He is on the Board of the Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association, similar to the NYC Food Truck Association here.

Los Angeles, CA: NYSF In LA – Kalbi & Dweji Buns from The Bun...

We don’t know who came up with the idea of putting creamy tzaziki sauce on spicy pork, but it was a very good one. You don’t see dairy much in Asian cuisines, but the creamy yogurt sauce and slice of cucumber on top were the perfect cooling ingredients for the spicy pork. Add a pillow-soft bun, and you have a delicious dish.

Los Angeles, CA: Alleged Food Truck Extortion Ring Gets Busted in LA

Los Angeles Daily News reports the individuals under arrest stand accused of "shaking down owners and operators over a five-year period beginning in July 2007.

Seattle, WA: Hey West Coast, Seattle Trucks Like Your Style

Game on sister; you're steppin' with your gat on safety because here are three mobile food concepts originating from Los Angeles, Portland, and San Francisco that Seattle has covered.

Hollywood, CA: Gang Members Accused of Extorting Hollywood Food Trucks

The alleged gang members are accused of targeting food truck owners and demanding rent to operate the trucks in Hollywood.

Los Angeles, CA: Effort to Legalize Street Food vending in Los Angeles Continues

Street vendors sell everything from fruta tochicharrones, tacos and quesadillas on the streets of Boyle Heights—with or without proper city permits.

Los Angeles, CA: Fancy Food Truck Friday Returns April 12

What food trucks would you like to see at the Altadena event?