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Equipment News is where you will find the articles and reviews on the latest equipment & technology products to enter the market for the mobile food industry.

Not Just a Shaved Ice Vending-Bike…. It’s PURE FLAVA!

It is pushed by a bike and its twisted handles are mounted onto the cart, with side-view mirrors.

Costs of Having a Food Truck

Starting a mobile food business isn't cheap. Here are some of the costs:

The Next Big Thing in Street Food? The Wearable Grill!

In Berlin, I found this wurst vendor staked out on the pedestrian bridge leading to Museum Island.

Help Wanted: Biofuel Mechanic to Trick-Out D.C.’s Newest Food Truck

Arcadia Center for Food and Sustainable Agriculture recently raised nearly $15,ooo through a Kickstarter campaign to create the first "mobile food market."

NYC: Exploded Frites N’ Meats Truck Had Too Many Propane Tanks, Source Says

The Frites 'N' Meats truck was carrying four propane tanks but was only allowed to have two, a source said.

Is Propane Safe for Food Trucks?

Propane tanks can be such a risk that Kenny Lao, for one, made a conscious decision not to use them. “We use a green quiet diesel generator to power our dumplings,” he tells us.

Wanna Start Your Own Business? Fort Lauderdale & Miami Firms Are Selling Food Trucks

Perusing eBay, Clean Plate Charlie found an ad for a company here in Fort Lauderdale that sells food trucks. Low Price Trailers has fully loaded food trucks in stock or will custom-make one to your specificiations.

Food Trucks Change The Way L.A. Residents Dine

Many food truck companies are now putting detailed maps on their websites that show where a food truck is in real-time.


While waiting in line at one of my favorite food trucks here in Los Angeles, it dawned on me that the food truck would be the perfect choice for my first MOC.

Equipment: Meals Out of a Flight Case

Tour catering companies manage to provide stunning meals out of a flight case three times a day.