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Fargo, ND: Fargo Food Truck Festival

The second Fargo Food Truck Festival has been going on all day at the North Dakota Horse Park.

Fargo, ND: Festival Shows The Best Food In The Area To Come From A...

13 trucks are bumper to bumper with food in the fryers and lines of people waiting for their turn.

Fargo, ND: Sweeto to Move into Valentino’s; Food Truck to Set Up in Parking...

A Sweeto Burrito food truck will be set up in the parking lot there once the weather stays warm

Fargo, ND: Taking You Around Town – Food Truck Vendors turned Restaurants

Are you hungry? You might be after you hear what new businesses are being built within the same section of downtown Fargo.

Fargo, ND: Mobile Food Trucks are Popping Up in the Area

I think people are interested in trying out something new and when they have an opportunity to do so you just have to lock in their taste buds.

Fargo, ND: Review – Taco Brothers gets Mexican Cuisine Right

The beans and corn are prime examples as well as the loose, citrus rice and milky and mild queso fresco. Combine these ingredients in different dishes, and you have a paper plate of summer.