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Fighting Childhood Obesity with a New Pair of Denim

unlike your average LA food truck, this one is stocked with a trainer, nutritionist, and a ‘Magic Mirror,’ which helps kids visualize how they’d look with a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). It’s meant to be a source of motivation.

Jackson, Miss: Food Fight? Eateries Want Say

"As a restaurateur ... the idea of having a mobile food service entity move at will to sell food at peak times and take business from the very neighborhoods we've worked and built up - that's a concern," said Sal & Mookie's owner Jeff Good

NYC: Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market Food Truck Bazaar

Some of the buzz-iest food trucks in town with be dishing out their local grub every second Sunday at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market.

NYC: Eat Cetera – Hell’s Kitchen Food Trucks Return This Sunday

Weather Permitting, the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market Gourmet Food Truck Bazaar will triumphantly return to the beloved outdoor urban flea market this Sunday, and every second Sunday each month through October.

LA: Can a Flea Market and a Food Truck Fest Live in Harmony in...

The lines were already swelling at each food truck, and I smelled grilled pork in the air. People were walking around with hot dogs that were embellished with potato chip rings.

3 Tips from Food Trucks

The newest generation of food trucks should serve as a blueprint to quick-serve marketers on how they can attract customers.
The Umami Moto food truck will be on-site for the occasion. (Photo by Martin O. Patton)

Cleveland: New Studio Opens At Screw Factory

Art, fashion and delicious food will come together for the opening celebration of Dovecote, a new work/display space in the Screw Factory Studios at Lake Erie building in Lakewood.

The Concession Buisiness…. Ideas, Advice & Resources For Success

The concession business is rapidly becoming a large part of the food service industry. There are many opportunities in concessions; all you have to do is look for them.