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Fat City, LA: Food trucks Returning to Fat City; Trees, too

Food trucks are returning to Fat City. Trees, too.

New Orleans, LA: Fat City Food Truck Festival Wins Jefferson Parish Council Approval

It's the first government-organized attraction for Fat City since the non-profit Greater New Orleans Inc. brought a Times Square booster to town in November to brainstorm improvements for the area. At Lee-Sheng's urging, the council rezoned Fat City in 2010, establishing earlier closing hours for bars and running off "adult businesses." There has been little concrete action since then, however, and a task force is still working on a framework for the future.

New Orleans, LA: Fat City Food Truck Festival Approved for April 15

The April 15 festival will take place in the parking lot in the southeast corner of the intersection of 18th Street and Edenborn Avenue, Lee-Sheng said. The property is owned by Tommy Cvitanovich, who operates Drago's restaurant about a block to the east. The New Orleans food truck coalition expects to send 10 to 15 mobile meal vendors.

Kansas City: A New Red-Hot Wiener War for Dog Nuvo

Roth accuses the truck owner of taking back the truck and illegally selling hot dogs under the Dog Nuvo name

Where The Great Food Truck Race will be parked in Manhattan this Weekend

Practice ordering from a window in your backyard because this weekend is your big opportunity to order from a food-truck window on national television.

What food truck is missing from the streets of KC?

Food-truck culture is slowly rolling into Kansas City, four wheels at a time. The Good You opened in December and began parking next to 3 Girls Cupcakes, which has been wheeling around since last year.