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Lost & Found: The Tale of the Missing Food Truck

The owner of the Rolling Stove food truck knew something was wrong when it didn’t show up at the Seminole Casino

Truck Patties Made with ‘Lot of Love’ Earn Chef 2011 Vendy Cup for Best...

The city's tastiest food fight hit Governors Island Saturday

D.C. Food Truck Advocate Bert Gall Fights on Behalf of Street Food

The Institute for Justice surveyed food-truck customers in D.C.

Political Food Fight Can Be Avoided

Calgary moves forward with an expansion of its street-food culture

NYC: Upper West Side Latest Neighborhood To Fight Food Truck ‘Invasion’

A food truck fight has taken to the streets of the Upper West Side....

Brooklyn, NY: Food Fight! Slope Merchants Object to New Truck Rally

“This neighborhood is being exploited by a fad,” fumed Janice Pullicio, owner of Naidre’s

Food Truck Wars: Victory for Mobile Vendors in El Paso (video)

by Ed Morrissey | HotAir.com The Institute for Justice won a big victory for mobile vendors in El Paso by having a protectionist ...

Harrisburg, PA: Mobile Food Vendors Have Eateries Steamed on Restaurant Row

Some Second Street restaurant owners say they want hot dog carts and other mobile food vendors off their turf.

Editorial: Novato’s Right to Reject Ban on Food Trucks Near Schools

They have set their sights on the food trucks, whose presence and business make what they call "a mockery" of the school's wellness programs.

Baltimore: Food Trucks Just as Screwed as Trucks in D.C. and L.A. (video)

Charm City vendors are constantly chased from street corners and parking spots by local restaurateurs, meter maids, and other foes, as a recent Baltimore Sun piece ably documented.