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Bloomington, MN: Fighting to Free the Food Trucks in Bloomington, Minn

Food trucks have been expanding choice and spicing up dining options in Bloomington, the fifth largest city in Minnesota and less than a half hour away from the Twin Cities.

Are Food Trucks Safe?

Should trucks be banned, or are they a safe culinary experience?

Occupy Wall Street: Fighting Capitalism, One Food Cart at a Time

Business has “not been good” since the occupation came to town.

Columbia, SC: Food Truck Owners Fighting New City Regulations

“I think this has the potential to regulate us out of existence,” said Scott Hall

Raleigh: Food Truck Operators Still Fighting For a Place as Restaurant Owners Try to...

“It’s a lot harder for them to get permits here,” Karla said. “A lot of good food trucks stay in Durham and don’t ever come here.