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London, UK: New Food Truck Alert – SubPoint

Simple submarine sandwiches - served in freshly baked 9 inch soft rolls - are reinvented with an interesting twist on classic fillings.

Fast Cars & Food Trucks at Park Vista Auto Show

Organizers added a much-needed service to the event by contacting Jochen Esser at Gourmet Truck Expo

Food Trucks Go Gourmet!

Food trucks are NO LONGER the infamous “roach coaches” limited to feeding the men and women at construction sites; they have gone GOURMET.

TimeOut Chicago: Best Food Truck

If the local food-truck scene were high school, Matt Maroni would be Prom King.

DC: Sprinklegate Turns Food Truck War

In the past four or five years, a half a dozen cupcakeries, spurred by the national trend of “reinvigorated” childhood desserts, have made their home in DC.

Food Trucks in Puerto Vallarta Amigos!

For $6 you get six small corn tacos filled with your choice of six different fillings.

LA: The Grilled Cheese Truck Offers Comfort Food with a Gourmet Twist

The Grilled Cheese Truck is one of the many specialty food trucks in Los Angeles. Loyal fans of these popular mobile eateries can follow their favorite food trucks using Twitter or other social media.