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St. Louis, MO: The Bombay Food Truck

The Bombay food junkies truck is awesome and it is as simple as that. What you have here, is a food truck, not filled with young men cooking on the line, but some older Indian women, working love into the food they sell. Everything is home made or at least made from scratch and while the truck is entirely meat free, it can make a carnivore seriously consider becoming a vegetarian.

Providence, RI: New Food Truck Alert – Citizen Wing

Citizen Wing opened for business just this month with an array of gourmet chicken wings available for order. The selection includes staples like Southern BBQ, variations on classic flavors like Rosemary Hot (buffalo), and newfangled creations like Habanero Cilantro.

New York, NY: Street Eats – Chaat from Desie Khaana, Mysttik Masaala’s (New) 3rd...

Underneath the snacks were lots of chickpeas and chickpea puree, chopped raw onions, and cilantro.

Memphis, TN: Local Food Truck Seeks to Unite Community with Healthy Alternatives

It’s not just about a food truck or smoothies. It’s about making better choices, and there’s a whole network of people within the community trying to do just that. We just want to help make these healthy alternatives more seamless for the community

New York, NY: Dessert Alert – Uncle Gino’s Italian Ices & Ice Cream

The menu does have some less common flavors, such as sour apple or mango ices, and cheesecake ice cream.

Carson, NV: Area Ice Cream Truck Among Participants at Fandango’s Second Gourmet Food Truck...

Shahla Fadaie, an Indian Hills resident, recently purchased the Mr. Ice Cream truck and started her new firm called Shahlala Healthy Ice Cream Rush. She serves a northern Douglas County route established by the previous owner. She intends to introduce two of her new flavors at the outdoor truck food fest next Saturday, which is from noon to 5 p.m. at the Fandango Casino in Carson City.

Dallas, TX: What’s Da Scoop Food Truck Brings A Different Kind of Ice Cream...

Sundaes, cones and floats include Blue Suede Shoes Sundae with candied bacon, Fat Elvis ice cream and chocolate-peanut butter sauce; Black Magic Cone, a Nutella-lined waffle cone with Zanzibar ice cream and dulce de leche; and floats made with Dr. Brown's sodas, Coca Cola or Dr Pepper.

Allentown, PA: Get Your Sugar Fix at Allentown and Emmaus Cupcake Trucks

Her most popular cupcake is Banana Fluffernutter, which won an award at ArtsQuest's Cupcake Bowl. She make more than 20 varieties and often comes up with new flavors for special events. For Cinco de Mayo, she created chocolate chipotle and mango jalapeno cupcakes. Other popular flavors are lemon berry, strawberries and cream, vanilla bean and chocolate peanut butter.

Philadelphia, PA: Eclectic, Hearty Fare from The Sunflower Truck Stop

My lunch at the Sunflower Truck Stop Post was the perfect fusion of flavors. They elevated the standard flavors of a pulled pork sandwich by lightening up the meal with fresh vegetables. The fusion of flavors–from the Greek-inspired tzatziki to the Indian-inspired naan–created a unique and delicious meal. I can’t wait to return and work my way through the rest of the menu.

New York, NY: Itizy Ice Cream Is Back On The Street

Itizy has a bunch of new flavors this year, and some interesting way to deliver them, such as ice cream pops.