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Columbia, MD: Columbia’s CookieRide Scooter Delivers Sweet Treats

I knew I wanted to do something with food. I liked the idea of cupcake trucks and the hominess of products such as cupcakes and cookies, but I felt like there were a lot of cupcake trucks out there.

Houston, TX: Haute Wheels Food Truck Festival Set for March 23-24

The event will offer culinary flavors from chefs who want to take your palette on a journey you won't soon forget. Combine gourmet food with fine wines, ice-cold beer, a vendor village and live music.

Phoenix, AZ: Crepe Bar – Truckin’ Good Food Offers Delicious Crepes

His idea came to light on a flight returning from France. Why not crepes prepared with farm fresh flavors served out of a food truck?

Columbus, OH: Mobile Cupcakery Delivering Dessert to Food Truck Events

Sweet! the Mobile Cupcakery is one example having launched in November and currently serving outside the 400 Farmers Market at 400 West Rich in Franklinton.

National News: Hawaiian Food – Where to Eat Like the President on the Mainland

The pictures of our Honolulu-raised president eating shave ice while on vacation represent only a glimpse of the Hawaiian foods that make the Aloha State such a favorite with foodies.

New York, NYC: Their New Loyalty Card Isn’t the Only Reason to Return to...

Moroccan food truck Comme Ci Comme Ça has a special place in my heart because it was the first food truck I visited after I started working in midtown and became a Midtown Luncher.

Charleston, SC: The Dulce Truck is One Sweet Baby

All the desserts are made from scratch

Food Trucks Offer Moveable Local Feasts

"My South Korean students had a hard time pronouncing Jeff"

Trailer Food Around the U.S: How Portland, Oregon’s Pods Stack up Against Austin

Differences between the two cities are the flavors each offers.