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National News: Fojol Bros. Still Considered One Of The Best Food Trucks In The...

The Daily Meal's massive list canvassed food trucks from more than 40 cities, and claims to have calculated their results using a methodology that factors in "staff favorites, trucks praised by organizations, and national and local publications, both in print and online."

Washington, DC: Nearly 200 D.C. Food Trucks Offer Choices for Every Day of Every...

In the four years since Fojol Bros. started to feed the masses gathered for President Obama’s first inauguration, the D.C. streets have welcomed close to 200 food trucks.

Washington, DC: A Food Truck Game-Changer? Fojol Bros. Retrofitting Old Buses as Dining Cars

The proposed stationary truck/bus venture may be in anticipation of a change in the vending regulations, or it may be a sign of a maturing industry that is adjusting its business model to mitigate the mobility ‘downside

Washingon, DC: More Food Truck Regulation Worries; LA Taco Truck

The DC Food Truck Association put out a statement this week that the proposed new regulations would make trucks illegal in most of the downtown area. They've created a map to prove their point, too. The Association has scheduled an open meeting April 1 for all food truck operators to discuss the proposed laws.