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Los Angeles, CA: This Sunday – USG Brings Food Trucks to the Finger Fountain

A mobile food court on campus - because getting good food on campus should be easier

Fargo, ND: Taking You Around Town – Food Truck Vendors turned Restaurants

Are you hungry? You might be after you hear what new businesses are being built within the same section of downtown Fargo.

Fort Collins, CO: Food Trucks to Replace LSC Food Court

So far, there are five trucks participating that offer a variety of cuisines including hot dogs, hamburgers, soft-serve frozen fruit, Asian-fused meals, Italian sandwiches and breakfast dishes.

Athens, GA: Twilight Food Trucks Provide Plenty of Plates to Satisfy Hungry Spectators

The chicken barbecue was also juicy, something difficult to achieve since chicken dries out so easily.

El Paso, TX: Food-Truck Court to Cater to Downtown El Paso Crowds

This is one of the small things that make a big city. I think it will help keep people from leaving Downtown for lunch

Springfield, MO: Springfield Government Plaza Gains More Food Choices

Food trucks and kiosks are sprouting near government plaza, an area previously void of much in the way of food options.

Foodtruckin’ Saturday in the Dallas Arts District

This is a one of a kind truck park/food court put together for the Foodies of DFW

Houston, TX: Possible Spot Where Food Trucks Can Flock

A local entrepreneur to turn lot into a gathering spot for the city's growing fleet of food trucks.

Olympia, WA: Oly Foods Court

A new mobile food court at the corner of State Avenue and Adams Street in Olympia