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York, PA: Foodstruck, York’s First Food Truck Block Party, Planned for Oct. 11

Food trucks have been all the rage in the food industry during the past few years. The restaurants on wheels — which usually pack plenty of style with funky names and unconventional eats — have become mainstays in big cities.

Birmingham, AL: Food Truck Operators form Greater Birmingham Street Food Coalition to Promote, Protect...

Food truck operators around Birmingham have circled the wagons, and announced today they have formed a coalition to promote the city’s growing street food industry and guard against too much government regulation.

London, UK: UK Street Food Market Dominated by SSP, West Cornwall Pasty and AMT...

For many western travellers, the aroma's, flavours and sheer theatre of food prepared on the roadside provided inspiration for much of the food available on Britain's streets today.

UK: All Aboard the Cooking Bus

The bus gives pupils on-board lessons on how to cook simple healthy meals

The Business of Food Trucks [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are food truck menu prices too high?

Supermarket Guru® Predicts Rising Prices, Group Shopping Will Top Food Trends in 2012

Food trucks events are about the connection, conversation and sense of community

Farmingdale, NY: Tweeting from the Coffee Truck

How one Farmingdale entrepreneur is using the web to keep business moving in this economy.

Baton Rouge, LA: Downtown Restaurants Say Food Trucks Take Away Customers

Some restaurant owners in the Main Street Market say the food trucks swoop in and steal their customers.

Austin Food Trucks Get Politically Organized

The Food Trailer Alliance is largely organized by Tony Yamanaka, a marketing guy at Austin's Better Business Bureau.

Mobile Food Trucks Take Nashville By Storm

Buying a sandwich from someone selling food out of their truck seems pretty shady to some people. But the mobile food industry is sweeping over Nashville, and the idea seems to be sticking.