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Boston: Meals Behind the Wheels

Boston’s burgeoning street food scene gets a big boost with five new sellers open for business on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Boston: City Council Passes Ordinance to Expand Food Truck Access

OnApril 6th, the Boston City Council passed an ordinance to expand access to food trucks in Boston, beyond downtown and into the city’s neighborhoods.

Boston: Announcing the 2011 Greenway Food Vendors

This year, 12 food vendors will be operating in eight locations along the Greenway, as compared to six vendors/five locations in the previous year.

Greenway Names a Dozen Food Vendors for 2011

After testing demand last summer, the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy will double its food vending program this year to a total of 12 mobile food operations.

Boston: Council Clears Way For More Food Trucks

The The City Council approved an ordinance yesterday that will clear the way for more food trucks on city streets as early as June.

Boston: Filling An Appetite for More Food Trucks

Great news, hungry city dwellers! The Boston City Council today approved an ordinance that will clear the way for more food trucks on the city's streets as early as June.

Food Trucks in Boston Get Off to Rocky Start

It was one of the city’s more celebrated initiatives: attract food trucks to Boston by staging a contest for the right to operate on City Hall Plaza.