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Dubois County, IN: Food on Wheels

By Candy Neal | The Herald A year ago, seeing a food truck on a street or parking lot in Dubois County was...

Williamsburg, VA: Food Truck Tracker – Find your favorite kitchen-on-wheels this weekend

By Michelle Goshen  |  Williamsburg Yorktown Daily You’ve seen them almost every time you’ve visited a brewery. You’ve probably tried their food at community events....

Food Trucks a Booming Business in Tampa

Food trucks in Tampa are getting the green light to keep on rolling.

San Francisco’s Eater’s Choice Rates Top Food Trucks in Fort Mason

Ten of San Francisco’s top food trucks lined up Saturday in Fort Mason

Phoenix: Superstition Farm’s Got a Super Food Truck

Superstition Farm & Udder Delights announced their food truck had officially become part of the Phoenix Street Food Coalition.

Tulsa Chef Serves 5-Star Food On Wheels

"I've built a fan base that enjoys my food," he said.

Rules of the Road: Food Trucks Face Regulations [video]

Nashville doesn’t have specific mobile food vending laws, food trucks have been regulated as both vehicles and restaurants

Seattle’s Mobile Food Rodeo: Ron & Don’s Rachel Belle Throws Her Cowboy Boots on...

Mobile Food Rodeo line-up is set with over 20 trucks hailing from Seattle and Portland area.

Hoboken Food Truck Customers Defend Woman Being Sexually Harassed in ABC’s ‘What Would You...

Hoboken stepped up to the plate and defended a woman being sexually harassed on the ABC show, "What Would You Do?"

Food Network Great Food Truck Race: Meet the Tasty Eight [VIDEO]

Food Network competition series The Great Food Truck Race returns for a second season...