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St. Louis, MO: How Do St. Louis Food Trucks Survive the Winter?

Judging from our (admittedly) small sampling, most trucks will keep on rolling through the winter months showing up on street corners and in business parks. But it's hardly the same as the spring and summer boom times.

Louisville, KY: Health Dept. Official – Food Truck Letter Grades ‘Should Be a Reality’

In mid-August, food truck operators and health department representatives met for the second time in the wake of WAVE 3 Troubleshooter (pew pew) Eric Flack's reports about possible health-code concerns involving food trucks.

Boston, MA: Health Code Violations Common, as Operators Learn How to Run Eateries Out...

Food trucks have rapidly multiplied on Boston streets and plazas, with 75 gourmet-style restaurants on wheels now serving up everything from portobello mushroom paninis to Vietnamese rice bowls. With convenient and relatively cheap food, the trucks often have long lines at lunch.

Montreal, CAN: If the City Wants Food Trucks to Fail, it Should Just Add...

For starters, because it’s a “pilot project” only 27 trucks are licensed for the whole city. That’s about one truck per 75,000 Montrealers. No wonder they’re hard to find.

Denver, CO: Restaurant Report Card – Focus on Food Trucks

enver followed health inspectors as they searched through food trucks, looking for critical violations.

San Anotnio, TX: KSAT Defenders Investigate Food Truck Inspections

How food truck inspections differ from ‘brick-and-mortar’ restaurants

Winchester Bay, OR: Sewer Rule Could Spell End for Mobile Vendor

The business will only be here until October. It has no restrooms, and any “graywater,” usually dishwater, is picked up by a weekly service.

Cambridge, MA: Possible MA Salmonella Outbreak – Clover Restaurants and Food Trucks Close

The Clover Food Labs in Massachusetts, which operates restaurants and mobile food trucks, has closed all operations because of a possible Salmonella outbreak in that state.

National News: From Loncheras to Lobsta Love – Food Trucks, Cultural Identity and Social...

Fish tacos, vegan cupcakes, gourmet pizzas, and barbeque ribs, all served from the confines of cramped, idling, and often garishly painted trucks.

Kansas, MO: FOX 4 Problem Solvers – How safe is the Food Sold from...

Getting a meal or a snack from a food truck is part of the fun of city-living