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Wichita, KS: Food Trucks Help Make Wichitans’ Restaurant Dreams Come True

Several food truck owners say they've always wanted to own their own business, and getting a food truck off the ground is a relatively inexpensive way to do it.

Albaquerque, NM: New Lavu iPad POS System With Hardware Bundles Drives Mobile Food Truck...

Food trucks and other mobile food service business models have unique requirements that differ from typical restaurant POS solutions,” said Camille du Fou of the Lavu Specialist sales team. “We took the time to consult with these business owners to learn about their needs, and even put together a bundled package that removes the guesswork from the POS decision-making equation

Birmingham, AL: How will Delicious “Food Trucks” be Regulated? Sound Off September 18th

Annual permit fee would be $500 with a $100 application fee and $25 for each food service worker.

Aramark Learns that Campus Food Trucks are GOOD Business

Food trucks are generating customer loyalty by providing good food at good prices.

Using Food Trucks to Get Meals to Hungry Kids

By Jeannie Choi | Bread for the World Yesterday, an NPR story highlighted a new initiative by school food services in New Haven, Connecticut, to combat hunger...

Food Truck Fad Comes to Fine Hotels Hawking Restaurant Fare

Forget room service. Hotels' latest food entree is putting it in trucks and delivering it on the street.

Tallahassee, Florida: Food Truck Business Growing Fast in Florida

You've probably seen new food trucks around town.

Wilmington, NC: Food Trucks Face Zoning Issues

Trucks have been dealing with multiple city zoning issues that make their business even more difficult.

Seattle: Street Food Proposal Draws Critics

Critics showed up at a City Council hearing on proposed legislation to facilitate more mobile food sites.

Burlingame, CA: Food Vendors Find Proposed Styrofoam Ban Palatable

"We are phasing out our Styrofoam soup and salad containers," said Azzam Shibli