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Charlottesville, VA: City Council to Consider Zoning Ordinance for Mobile Food Trucks

The purpose of having the mobile food unit ordinance is to provide guidelines on where food trucks can park on public and private properties across the city.

Push to Legalize Food Trucks & Carts Meeting with Controversy

Mobile food may fit in Savannah, but owners of several existing brick-and-mortar restaurants insist there isn’t enough room for their businesses and mobile food units.

Miami: Giuseppe’s Italian Sausage Truck Talks

Owner of mobile unit Giuseppe's Italian Sausage, Joseph Messina knows his sausages. He arrived in Florida in 1995 and has recently become a regular on the Miami food truck scene. Short Order asked Messina about the chow he slings.

Italian Lunch Truck Proposed for La Jolla

Two former La Jolla restaurant employees are looking to put a new, high-end twist on an old working-class standard: the lunch truck.

How to Start a Mobile Food Truck Business

The licenses are issued to individuals not businesses and the truck must be operated by the individual who is issued the license.

Does your FOOD TRUCK or CART need a Wrap?

Vehicle wraps draw attention! When it comes to a mobile food unit, drawing attention & letting everyone know you’re there is kind of the goal, right?