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Adelaide, AUS: Restaurants Push Food Truck Crackdown

Mobile food vans also weren’t subjected to the same regulatory framework as “bricks and mortar” businesses, and this needed to change.

Adelaide, AU: Adelaide Pop-Up Shops’ Future Under a Cloud

The fate of pop-up food vans in the Adelaide CBD looks uncertain amid claims from a city councillor that the “pop-up fad” has gone too far.

Adelaide, AU: City Food Vans Boom Prompts Cafe Costs Check

Adelaide City Council will investigate the costs of city cafe operations as it considers proposed regulations for mobile food trucks.

Adelaide, AU: Too Many Food Trucks in Our City? Some City Councillors Think So

The city's popular fleet of food trucks could be cut back after their impact on bricks and mortar businesses was hotly debated by City councillors last night.

Melbourne, AU: Mobile Food Vans Told to Get Going

POPULAR Melbourne food trucks that have been allowed to operate at Docklands to add variety and activity to the precinct have been banned after complaints from local traders.


The Lord Mayor opens Sydney's curbs & gutters to the kind of mobile food trucks that characterise so many cities in the US and throughout Asia.

Hungry in LA? Follow the Gourmet Food Truck Craze…

In a city where restaurants often come with their own valet parking and an obligation to tip, LA's foodie scene is being transformed into an earthier, more accessible experience by the rapid rise of the ‘food truck’.