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Toronto, CAN: Toronto’s First Peruvian Food Truck Hits the Streets in April

With temperatures tentatively crawling back above freezing, another food truck season is poised to begin. The first new mobile restaurant of the year is Nazca, which will serve what chef and co-owner.

D.C. – Franklin Square Turned Into a Food Truckers’ Paradise

With temperatures dipping below freezing, the hungry masses who assembled on Franklin Square on Monday enjoyed a rare opportunity to sample the menus of 12 different food trucks -- assuming, that is, their numb tongues allowed them to taste anything at all.


I’ve heard a lot about this truck saying it’s the best shave ice next to the ones you will taste in Hawaii. Then again, I’ve heard that about Shave It and Shaka’s, which fall way short!

Bada Bing Food Truck Sticks It Out In The Cold

The guys at the Bada Bing Food Truck seemed to be no exception as they camped out at a relatively new location in front of Courthouse today.