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Miami, FL: Haulover Food Truck Roundup Tonight – A Day in the Life of...

The food truck phenomenon has been raging for a few years. The outlaw fringe element seems to excite the imagination.

Las Vegas, NV: With Mochiko Chicken, Food Truck Owners Trade Wheels for Roots

Mochiko is a small, quick-casual spot near Decatur Boulevard and Sahara Avenue, with counter service.

New York, NY: NYSF First Look – Monkey Brothers Lab

The Texas Burger comes with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and a fried egg on top. They handled the fried egg just right, with plenty of yolk running down the sides of the burger and bun. We may have needed a few extra napkins, but there’s nothing like a messy yolk covering all aspects of a burger.

Fort Lauserdale, FL: Fort Lauderdale’s Eggstatic Food Truck Rolls Out Organic Breakfast

"People are waking up. We are seeing a lot more interest in locally sourced food, organic food," said Katherine Paul, spokeswoman for Organic Consumers Association. "People are realizing the corporate and industrial food systems are not producing healthy food."

Washington, DC: Burger-Slinging Food Trucks – Where are They?

A review of the burger scene in D.C. shows that slinging these patty sandwiches appears to be a brick-and-mortar game.

Mobile Food Trend Just Keeps on Truckin’

Roxy's is one of eight teams, culled from several hundred casting candidates

Now Flipping Eggs: Nick’s Wheely Good Breakfast Truck

Alameda-based Nick’s Wheely Good Breakfast Truck pulled up to a soft launch in Emeryville last week.

Your Guide to Houston’s Food Truck Party: Haute Wheels Rolls in with Special Menus

The Haute Wheels Food Truck Festival arrives at Houston Community College West Loop Center Saturday and Sunday, bringing with it over 20 fab food trucks.

Portland: Food Carts Featured on The Cooking Channel’s New Series ‘Eat Street’

Tonight, the show's second episode profiles the downtown cart Brunch Box, which is known for hefty sandwiches and burgers.

Where To Eat Right Now: 10 Houston Food Trucks You Need to Find

Houston’s food truck business is growing faster than the rising price of gas. Thankfully. And with these new mobile gems comes an influx of creative culinary inspiration.