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Street Food: Global Flavors, Universal Appeal

Apart from the more familiar hot dogs, ice cream cones, and tacos we all know and love, consider there are many other enticing options.

Rochester, NY: Food Trucks Reshaping Street Eats

"The idea of food trucks intrigues me. I want to inspire other small-food entrepreneurs to do the same," says Toner

Boston: Food Trucks in Charlestown Navy Yard

Some new dining options are rolling into several Boston neighborhoods today, as 15 food truck vendors -- part of the city's food truck initiative

Monona, WI: Shaved Ice a Fruity, Refreshing, Cheap Way to Chill Out

Shaved ice, while similar to a snow cone in many respects, is not the same thing.

Chowdermobile: Eats from Half Moon Bay Spread Across the Bay Area

Hurtado manages Chowdermobile's small team of four and oversees the process and menu quality of the food truck's offerings, including the shrimp po' boy sandwich and Maine lobster roll.