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St. Catherines, CAN: ‘Time Bombs’ May Be Slipping Past Inspections

Not all food trucks undergo fire safety checks, Region hears

National News: Food Trucks Put a Literal Spin on Social Media ‘Follows’ – Infographic

Food trucks and carts have in recent years gone from being considered “roach coaches” to being a trendy new way to try unfamiliar and novel cuisines, such as Korean-TexMex fusion. Social media have helped fuel their popularity, letting hungry city-dwellers know where they can find their favorite truck on a given day.

Charlotte, NC: Food Truck Drivers Feel The Pinch of Rising Gas Prices

For food truck owners there's no way around it, as it takes a lot of fuel to run their businesses.

Small Firms Prep for Rise in Gas Prices

Businesses that rely on fuel to get their products

Orlando: Dismal Economy Helps Fuel Food Truck Craze

Gator Country BBQ, just one of many food trucks in downtown Orlando.

Want To Rule Your Own Food Truck Business? Keep Reading…

Food trucks are businesses and encounter somewhat unique challenges

Gourmet Food Truck Serves Foie Gras, Bone Marrow

Foie gras, pancetta, Parmigiano cream sauce — might sound like the menu of this minute's trendy hotspot, but......

Food Truck Trend

A Pizza Truck, “depending on the model, fully loaded they can range from $215,000 [to] as low as $165,000,” Sullivan said.