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Morristown, NJ: The Taco Truck Preps for Mid-August Opening

The Morristown location will be its flagship restaurant as they're ready to start franchising

New York, NY: Endless Summer Taco Truck’s Legendary Run Has Come to an End

Every few weeks, a reader will write Grub Street beseeching us to unravel the mystery of Williamsburg taco purveyor Endless Summer, which first appearedon North 7th and Bedford Avenue back in 2008. We knew that original owners Curtis Brown and Jeffrey Jensen sold the truck a few years ago and that it soldiered on and off seasonally until recently, when it went on a self-described "hiatus" and retired to some anonymous garage.

Jupiter, FL: Food Truck Fest

There will be some tables and chairs, but it is recommended that you bring your own folding chairs in order to get the best seat! Parking is free in the parking garage to the south of the plaza.

Food Trucks Provide On-The-Go Training for Owners

Street food has flourished in the weak economy

Peoria, IL: Council Votes DOWN Food Trucks

"I firmly do not think this will create new people spending money to eat out in Peoria," Ardis said

Tampa, FL: Food Trucks Roll into Grand Central at Kennedy Tonight

Flicks and Food Trucks will feature short independent movies, craft beer, live music and food trucks tonight, Nov. 17.

Raleigh: Food Truck King This Thursday in City Plaza

The Raleigh Downtowner will host Food Truck King

It’s Your Business: Gourmet Coffee Truck Debuts

The gourmet coffee truck Candide Roasteries debuted in Champaign-Urbana last week.

London, UK: Street Kitchen – They’re on Their Mobile!

This summer it’s all about ‘mobilers’ – street food vendors popping up all over the capital, offering Londoners a fresh take on affordable, seasonal food to rival that of any restaurant.

Baltimore: Where is that Food Truck Rally?

You've probably marked your calendars for Friday, July 8, from 5-10 p.m. for Baltimore's first food truck "Gathering".