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Milpitas, CA: Food Trucks Will Make an Appearance in Downtown Milpitas

If you’re in the vicinity of the Big Lots store Wednesday from 5 to 9 p.m., you can grab some gourmet grub at the weekly Milpitas Street Eats.

Grand Forks, ND: A MODERN KITCHEN – Ex-Sergeant Cooks Up Hot Dish on Wheels

Food trucks are not exactly known for producing gourmet fare.

Staten Island, NY: Fancy Food Trucks Snub Staten I.

Only 14 street-meat vendors are currently licensed to sell on Staten Island

Do You Eat at Food Trucks?

To the delight of foodies tired of street vendor hot dogs, food trucks may finally be rolling into Toronto

London, UK: Street Kitchen – They’re on Their Mobile!

This summer it’s all about ‘mobilers’ – street food vendors popping up all over the capital, offering Londoners a fresh take on affordable, seasonal food to rival that of any restaurant.

Chatsworth, CA: Truck on Down for Gourmet Grub

Each truck’s exterior is emblazoned with its signature design and colors.

Ontario, CA: Food Trucks Roll into Inland Empire

Banned by both San Bernardino and Riverside counties, the popular gourmet restaurants on wheels get a day in the Ontario sun.

London, UK: Tanaka & Jankel take ‘Street Kitchen’ Food Truck to the City

Food trucks with more innovative forms of food are only just starting to appear in the UK market, following on from their great success in the United States.

Charleston, SC: That’s From a Food Truck?

More than a half-dozen of the trendy food trucks are now operating in the area, most run by 30-somethings.

Ventura, CA: Where Are Our Chefs Now?

Vazquez was something of a rock star, given to wearing his hair in spikes and a wallet chain dangling from underneath his black chef's coat.