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Washington, DC: District Food Trucks Entrepreneurs Need to Recover from Shutdown 2013

This lack of potential customers has lead to a highly competitive market these past two weeks. Most trucks have been avoiding locations that are known for their mainly government employee based foot traffic and sought out more promising locations. In consequence, this has created a drastic increase in the competition for good parking spots and prospective customers.

Washington, DC: Food Trucks Return to L’Enfant

We have a lot of loyal customers in this spot, and we know they weren’t here,” said Christopher Lee of Cirque Cuisine, a food truck that sells wraps, snacks, salads and organic gourmet foods. “We are looking forward to reconnecting with them

Fresno, CA: Food Truck Owner Feels Trickle Down From Government Shut Down

Fresno food trucks operators say they are being impacted by the federal government shut down. One truck owner says it's definitely slicing into his business.

Washington, DC: A Political Stalemate Ends in Washington, With Food Truck Rules

A protracted legislative battle that has consumed this city — one that has pitted established businesses against start-ups, energized politicians on both sides of the aisle and prompted a grass-roots online campaign — has finally come to an end.

Washington, DC: Washington Stalls the Food-Truck Lobby

Washington has recently become an unlikely hotbed of culinary innovation, with entrepreneurs flocking to this historically stodgy meat-and-two-veg city for the chance to feed dulce de leche cupcakes and kimchi tacos to the masses. Office drones rejoice at the expanded lunch options, but restaurants are less happy.

New Orleans, LA: Fat City Food Truck Festival Approved for April 15

The April 15 festival will take place in the parking lot in the southeast corner of the intersection of 18th Street and Edenborn Avenue, Lee-Sheng said. The property is owned by Tommy Cvitanovich, who operates Drago's restaurant about a block to the east. The New Orleans food truck coalition expects to send 10 to 15 mobile meal vendors.

Castro Valley, CA: Food Trucks Are People Too

I might speculate that the reason the food truck businesses are getting special public meetings are because the group that invited them is related to county government. And government has the tricky task of balancing the wants and wishes of all business in a fair and equitable manner.

Manhattan, NY: Attn Vendors – Hudson River Park Looking For Mobile Food Concessions

By NYSF | NewYorkStreetFood.com When we first moved into the West Village over 20 years ago, the Hudson River waterfront was a disaster. Used condoms,...

Ottawa, CAN: Street Food Program’s Paternalism

The most frustrating angle to Ottawa’s revamped street food vendor program is how city management likely doesn’t understand how they’re treating applicants.

Pittsburgh, PA: Up with Food Trucks – Pittsburgh Should Free its Eatery Entrepreneurs

Food trucks should be allowed to operate wherever their presence won't cause excessive congestion. They should be required to be sanitary and safe, just as restaurants are. And they should be responsible for the litter they generate.