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Baltimore, MD: Roll Through the Food Truck Scene at The Gathering

The smell of french fries and chicken curry filled the air. That’s when I encountered a gypsy queen in a castle full of iced gems.

Asheville, NC: Downtown Likely to See Food Trucks in Septemeber

The City Council is set to take a second and final vote Sept. 13 on allowing food vending trucks into a downtown

Baltimore: Great Eats At Food Truck Gathering

Baltimore’s food trucks came together to form the Baltimore Food Truck Association.

Asheville, NC: Contentious Planning Meeting Sees Tie Vote on Food Trucks in Downtown

Asheville’s Commission couldn’t come to an agreement about proposed rules allowing food trucks

Meals on Wheels: Healthy Street Food Revolution

Healthy fast food isn’t an urban myth. Instead, it’s the newest food craze, and it’s taking to the streets—literally.

Baltimore: Food Trucks Set for the Gathering

Baltimore's food truck romance goes into overdrive Friday night in a Harbor East parking lot.

Baltimore: This is Your New Food Truck “Restricted Parking” Sign

The creation of the food truck zones was announced at the June 1

Asheville, NC: Food Truck Debate Gets Hot & Loud

A meeting over whether downtown Asheville should allow food trucks turned into an angry confrontation this morning at City Hall.

Asheville, NC: Food Truck Ordinance

The city of Asheville is considering a mobile food vending ordinance that could open the downtown district to vendors.

Food Trucks Hit Political Speed Bumps in Asheville

Food truck vendors, who represent a growing trend in the city's active culinary scene, are trying to change a 25-year-old rule against them operating downtown.